Delsys Software Update v1.5 (.msi version)

This Firmware Update requires EMGworks 4.5.0 or Higher

The Delsys Software Update application will download and run on your PC to ensure that all connected Delsys hardware and all installed Delsys software is up-to-date. Use it to take advantage of the latest software and firmware features. Before downloading the software, ensure that all your Delsys equipment (Trigno base station and sensors) are fully charged, powered on, and connected to the PC.

User Guide (MAN-029-1-1)

EMGworks Beta

There is no beta release of EMGworks at this time, please visit the Delsys website for the current version

Trigno Server Installer

There is currently no Trigno Server beta version. Please use the full version (download here)

dEMG Beta

Only download and use a dEMG Analysis beta version when instructed to do so by Delsys support personnel.

There is currently no dEMG Analysis beta version. Please use the full version (download here)